A hundred thousand users in 80 days

20 March 2015

went online on December 30, 2014 and since then, it’s been posted on several subreddits and even made it to the frontpage a couple of times. Over 100,000 users were analyzed, and they gave feedback more than 200,000 times! Here’s a brief look at the data from the past 80 days.


Users analyzed 100,136
Users who gave feedback 21,337 (21% of users analyzed)


Total feedback entries 213,954 Thank you, everyone!
Overall accuracy 83% Surprisingly higher than I expected!
Most accurate Gaming 91%
Least accurate Relationship partner 58%

It’s been really exciting to watch grow — keep an eye out for more features coming soon!

Bonus Picture Time: I was in Austin last weekend hanging out with the Google Cloud Platform team, and a small crowd formed around the table to check out . It was a lot of fun to see users’ reactions in person!

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