What's better than version 0.1?

10 January 2015

Version 0.2, of course. Since the public release of ten days ago, I’ve received lots of feedback that helped me make some important changes. I’ve just published v0.2 of the site, and I hope to continue to add features and improve accuracy. Here is the list of new features that went live today:

  • You can now refresh data to keep your profile up-to-date.
  • Client-side fetching of data to prevent “Server too busy” errors.
  • See which subreddits are most likely to bring you maximum karma.
  • Charts detailing last 60 days of activity.
  • All charts updated to use local timezone instead of UTC.
  • Help categorize your subreddits.
  • Marginally improved NLP.
  • Bug fixes and cosmetic changes.

Like the new features? Hate the changes? Want a new feature altogether? Let me know in the comments below, PM me on reddit or head over to /r/SnoopSnoo.

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